How to get enough Waves for the fees?

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As you may know, Waves is the primary currency of the whole Wavesplatform. So, before creating an order or outgoing transfer, please make sure that you have enough Waves.

The trading fee in the Asset/Asset pair is 0.003 Waves. For Asset/Smart-asset pair - 0.007 Waves and Smart-asset/Smart-asset pair 0.011 Waves. To create an outgoing transfer from the wallet will cost you 0.001 Waves.

So, if you have enough assets (BTC/ETH/LTC/ZEC/USD/EUR and so on) and if these assets have sufficient value, exchange them for Waves without having initial Waves using the internal DEX exchange.

For more information, please follow the instructions:

Start trading on the Waves DEX

iOS: Start trading on the Waves DEX

Android: Start trading on the Waves DEX

Warning When you are exchanging assets to get the initial Waves for the fees, please take into account the exchanging amount, since order fee is 0.003 (0.007, 0.011) Waves. So, to get 0.001 Waves you should buy at least 0.004 (0.008 for Waves/Smart-asset pair) Waves.

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